Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A New Look?

I was browsing through the web, and ended up watching one of 2ne1's videos- one called 'I am the best'. It was fairly recent, 2011, and quickly became a firm favourite of mine. The lyrics are kind of narcissistic if you look at it from a negative perspective- but it's a great strutting song if your feeling confident. I was feeling confident when I put together this look which is partially inspired by what's worn in the video. It was more thrown then put with no make up or hair effort. I just thought it was kinda cool.

Most of the items are from new look, the skirt was damaged and on sale so I had to sow the waistband. I don't think I can sow it back. The ring is from the concessions brand of New Look jewellery and I bought it a couple of months back so I don't know whether or not this is still available.

            The spikes are available in both gold and silver. The necklace is actually for jeans but I like how chunky it is so I stuck it around my neck instead!
The jacket was a hand-me-down from my wonderful Auntie Clare. I love the shoes, I snagged them for a tenner at New Look to- I love you discount~!

The second look was random- I fell in and out of my wardrobe and think I got lucky. What do you think?

I wanted something cute with pastels that looked a little nautical because I'm still not over my sailor phase. I'll get a few more years out of those shorts- I'm determined! For a semi-accident, I think I did rather well here. And I'm definitely using my afro to it's full potential this spring/summer!

Bring on the sun, the rain, the joy and the pain!

That was so lame...

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  1. Loving the 2nd outfit, it's so cute and trendy!! The tights match the outfit completely!!