Monday, 16 April 2012

Emilie Autumn: Fight Like A Girl

Friday 13th went by and I didn't even realise. I've never been much for that superstition, more of a magpie's girl myself but it just so happens that every time Friday 13th comes by I have a pretty good day. This time round was no exception.

My best friends and I went to see Emilie Autumn at the Electric Ballroom.

I've never really heard her music before so I only had a very vague idea about what to expect. I have to say I was blown away by the results.
It was like entering another world. Walk through the wardrobe and into a post apocalyptic Narnia, where the Queen is still in charge but she's serving tea, crumpets, booze and glitter. A steam punk wonderland. And they had tea! I freaking love tea!

The first person who came on stage was a wonderfully odd looking pirate who I later learned was called Captain Maggots. She is one of three of Emilie's band/gang/army called 'The Bloody Crumpet's'. 

Captain Maggots is my favourite! She has a great affection for 'slicing and dicing and warm pastries.' I feel in love with her on sight. I love pirates and pastry. 

The other crumpets were just as awesome. Naughty Veronica is an extremely sexual young woman, who pulls up innocent girls and corrupts them with her mysteriously titled 'Rat Game'. Her fan dancing was visually intoxicating- honestly she made me glad to be a woman!

The Blessed Contessa got the crowd moving with her 'fingers and toes' chant. But she loves the feeling of 'crunching a bone betwixt (her) teeth', so I couldn't guarantee I'd stay alive in her presence for very long. I have to say she was the most expressive facially when she dance and looked convincingly menacing while being beautiful. I reckon she would bite you if given half the chance- elegantly of course.

Emilie's songs were haunting, dark and at times humorous. There was something enchanting about the whole night. The atmosphere created by both performance and audience is one I shall never forget. I haven't been able to get Emilie Autumn out of my head since. Even going back to work felt mundane after that.

It would be dramatic to say that this has changed my life. It has inspired me to write, draw and compose. I will post my drawings up when I'm done. I think that when I have an iPod that works again, there will be a sizable chunk that will be taken up by Emilie Autumns music.

I have a voracious hunger to know more of her music, to read the 'Asylum' book she wrote and to write darker material with as sharp a wit as she uses in her lyrics.

Emilie Autumn is a lyrical and musical genius. The Bloody Crumpets are each talented in their own right and as a collective are one of the greatest live acts I have ever had the privilege of seeing. Unknowingly I walked into a bucket list moment and at the nearest opportunity will sign myself into the 'Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls' without hesitation.

Thank you Erika and Sarah for sharing your wonderland with me. I have been corrupted- I'm a muffin in training.

Remember everyone- Fight Like a Girl!

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