Sunday, 15 February 2015

London Edge

I'm baaaaaack! After a long hiatus I am finally blogging again. That's right! I can announce to my 0.65 followers- that's you mum, that I am finally getting my act together. Hooray for me.

What brought on this sudden wave of proactivity, I hear no one cry! London Edge February 2015 that's what. 

I've been to 3 London Edges since the beginning of forever but they have all been September shows. This was my first time coming in February and I am sorry to announce that I LOVED IT!

Yup, I loved it so much that I wish it was happening again, right now.

What made it even better than usual was the company. Not only did I have Dom, (you know that one friend who makes you cool by association- she is the genius behind this... 

I also had the endless pleasure of being joined by the beautiful Rachel 'Rae' Jones. Perhaps I should choose companions more wisely. I went to a place full of awesome people, in tow of two awesome people, thus guaranteeing my place as 'Lamest Person in the Room'. I''ll collect my gift basket later. 

*Speaking of gift basket. Look at the wonderful contents of the goody bag! *

Anyway, the day began poorly with London transport trying to destroy us. Rae playfully described it as 'an adventure'. I described it with a long string of expletives that don't bare repeating. 

On the upside though, we were soon united with Dom and sipping delicate Prosecco in the bloggers

We had the privilege of a info packed talk from legendary superblogger Kat Williams, yup- the Rock and Roll Bride herself. Check it out! 

She's actually releasing a bi annual magazine AND she runs workshops teaching you how to be as awesome at blogging as she is.

Alternatively you could just not do anything that I do.

We had a mosey round at all the brands and stopped off at Jawbreaker and Voodoo Vixen, who help run the show.

That is where I met a lady who was going to make my London Edge experience 10x what it could have been!

Leanne Furley - Make Up Artist Extraordinaire!

She made me look like a lady with nothing but a fistful of bobby pins and a heart of gold (and some make up). Unfortunately I don't have a before photo but this crudely drawn diagram will give you an idea of the transformation I underwent. Her hands are magic!

                             BEFORE                                                                      AFTER

There was also a fashion show with some really promising collections from the likes of Alchemy London, Voodoo Vixen and more.

Afterwards we headed out to Gem Bar to enjoy an after party of drinks and wonderment.

For a more detailed, less rambling account of the days festivities click on the link below for my recap on the Rebelicious Website!

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