Monday, 21 November 2011

A 'LUSH' view of things...

I think it's healthy every so often to take a step out of the usual  and refresh one's life with a little diversity. Luckily, two weeks off of work has allowed me to do so. For the first week I failed to make mushroom soup and took a short break to Oxford to visit a friend. It was supposed to allow me time to get over the stress of whatever dilemma I'd invented to get myself bogged down in. With a lack of sleep, healthy food or hope I was feeling stressed, strained and under the weather. As a sunny break was beyond my reach, I settled for a mattress on the floor of my friends rented toom.

The break consisted of watching American reality television, Irish coffe and Iceland bought pigs-in-blankets- classy! But it was nice to just forget that I existed for anything more substantial than sleep and America's Next Top Model. As well as learning to 'Smeyes!' (for those of you unfortunate souls who aren't familiar with the terminology used by Tyra Banks; that means smiling with your eyes!), I also learned to relax and not feel guilty for it.

Unfortunately, such a decadent life style showed its affects. A diet of lethargy and tropical Sourz resulted in my skin looking like a worn out snake skin handbag. Although compensating for sleep deprivation with a caffiene overdose had it's effects as well. So I ventured to Oxford Town Centre in need of aid. I decided to snub the BodyShop as their olive oil soup had helped my skin achieve it's leather/tarmac texture. Instead I ventured into a new camp, the overwhelmingly perfumed 'LUSH' shop. It enticed me and almost suffocated me with it's brightly coloured soup and the even more brightly coloured hair of the sales reps.

Help came in the Divine form of a Sales Rep whose name I don't think I learned. She has curly red hair and she's amazing for anyone who might visit the Oxford Centre branch of LUSH...

But cutting to the chase (not really), she recommended me three products for a daily cleanse, tone and moisturise regime.

Cleanser- Ultra Bland
The most thorough of all cleansers.
(oooh- I hear you say!)

Toner- Tea Tree Water
Popular Toner

Moisturiser- Enzymion
Fruity moisturiser to liven up oily skin.

Now I've only just commited myself to this, I've been using these products for about four days. It's probably going to be another couple of weeks before I start seeing any results. This, along with restricting alcohol to the weekends (no calming glass of wine in the evenings), drinking more water (not appletiser) and eating more fruit (that doesn't come on a cheesecake) will hopefully produce some better results.

Equally I've started using an additional hair product.

Along with my

Triple Gro: Anti Breakage Cream Gro

I will be using

Sta-Soft-Fro: Hair Spray, Oil Sheen and Comb Out Conditioner.

Hopefully soon both skin and hair will be glowing healthily.

Also am making an attempt to begin considering the possibility of entertaining the idea of visiting the gym...maybe.

Well I hope the next blog entry will see snake skin turn to silk.