Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bloody Crumpet

I really tried to get the mouth right for Captain Maggots but it always ended up wonky or just plain wrong. So I just got frustrated and scrawled clumsily all over my face!

Look at the mess I can make of my face if I really try!

And a more flamboyant attempt at something outlandish.

I will definitely attempt this again. Accept next time it will be a success. I'm (kinda) sure of it!
Until next time!


  1. You are funny! The first attempt is not that bad!
    Emma x

    1. Thanks! I'd really like to get good at this someday! I'm going to try harder next time! xo

  2. Loving the experiments!! The 1st pic makes you look super!! Loving the extra flower in your Afro - really gives off a girly touch!! ^^ Oh and the last 2 pictures, ''Will you tell me my fortune?''