Monday, 25 March 2013

Cheer Up Chump!

Cheer Up Chump!

It has not been the merriest of times recently. The weather, the news and life in general seems lacking in lust despite. Spring having apparently arrived (AHAHAHAHA) there are still arbitrary snow drifts- bullshit and general misery and taking place in and around London.

In light of this darkness I would like to make a poor attempt to boost spirits by listing a few of my favourite things.

  1. Chai Latte's- I love them! Warm, sweet and little spicy! They make a pretty foolproof remedy for any bad, cold or tiring day life hurls at you.
  2. Dancing- classes and night clubs are great and stuff. However the dancing I'm specifically referring to is the dancing you do alone in your room. Better still if you are in your favourite underwear and throwing hazardous shapes to the Vengaboys. Go ahead- freak the f*** out!
  3. Youtube! Sometimes you don't have time to watch TV but want a quick bite to take your mind off of the possible brain numbing pain of your existence. My favourite channels are-

There are loads more things I wanted to include but considering Easter's forecast, it looks like I'll have plenty more opportunities to list all the things that make life a little less like an endless Siberian tundra littered, with broken dreams. A desolate plain in which the only non-frozen water are the tears of disappointment shed by our shattered souls.

Have a nice day! x

Monday, 18 March 2013

Cartoon Heroes

Ice Queen #2

Ice Queen #2

Temperley London sparkly top
$2,005 -

J.Crew patterned pants

Tom Ford wide sunglasses
$395 -

$9.09 -