Thursday, 26 April 2012

Industrial Wastelands (1)

Something about the walk from North Greenwich to Greenwich Odeon is really beautiful in an ugly, industrial way. If I was the artistic director of a photo-shoot I think that the barren open spaces and the steel towers would be a cool place to do it.

There is some pretty greenery on the other side of the station. I'll probably upload pics of there too at some point.

In the meantime. Here are the best bits. I took the pictures to store as stimuli for when I write. I hope you like them- or hate them. I just hope you react to them in some way other than 'So?'

This is not my pathetic attempt at achieving hipster-dom. I just think it's pretty!

And for some reason this one is my favourite!

That is all I really wanted to show you! If your ever around North Greenwich make sure you walk the other way. It's much nicer. There are trees and a lovely pub called 'The Pilot Inn'.

Seriously it's beautiful. See!

Brilliant in the summer because of it's lovely garden!

When the weather improves I'm gonna check it out!

Until next time!

1 comment:

  1. HOHOHO!! Did you take all those photos?

    I like Greenwich. One of the peaceful places in the SE!!