Thursday, 5 April 2012

Porridge and Green Mush!

In keeping with the food them, here are more goodies I have tried during the last couple of days. My lovely friend Emi was nice enough to sell me a big sachet of Japanese Macha Green Tea for a very reasonable price. I have to say it perks you up quicker than most coffee and is supposedly good for your skin.

So I had the drink sorted but as part of a nutritious breakfast what could I eat?


Nutritious Benefits

-Healing Skin
-Fights Heart Disease
-Beats depression- Vitamin B6 bumps up brain serotonin
-Boosts Energy

But just plain porridge with salt can be boring and I didn’t want to add sugar so I decided to make it more interesting with sunflower seeds...

Nutritional Benefits

-Bone Health- Contains lots of Magnesium
-Anti Inflammatory- Big source of Vitamin E
-Lowers Blood Pressure

See for yourself!

...And raisins

Health Benefits
-Lots of Iron
-Boosting Libido
-Good teeth
-Healthy blood

Manly sex power is not a joke by any means. Look!

Here are bad pictures of my awesome porridge! It is really delicious although I've hardly had the chance to munch because work has been really crazy of late.

My sleep patterns slowly improving and I'm using a face mask called 'LOVE LETTUCE' made by 'LUSH' which is essentially green mushy stuff, see!

And just to prove that I don't look like that all the time. I tried a vintage look with red lipstick and air hostessy accessories. Please see below!

Well Goodbye! 


  1. Wonderful post !! I need to get me some face masks since I've ran out!! (´-ω-`)

    1. Thank you, you're the one who got me involved with them in the first place.