Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bantu Knots

My hair is natural. Therefore it's not straightened and I don't have extensions or a weave. It's not even dyed. It's not for any particular reason. It just suits me. I'm fidgety as it is, if I had a weave I would itch the bitch out of it. It would add a certain crazy to my general disposition if I was constantly patting and scratching away at my scalp. My hair doesn't stay straight for long no matter how violently or intricately I apply chemicals and heat to it. Besides, I look my most awesome with my natural hair and I love it. When I texturised my hair in my teens it huffed and it puffed and it eventually committed suicide so in the summer of 2010 I decided- to hell with this and got my poofiness back.

I'm still not totally on top of it. I'm slowly learning to take care of my hair and discovering new ways to emphasise it's beauty.

One of my favourite things I've discovered was a twist out. And in doing so I also re-discovered Bantu knots or 'China bumps' as we St.Lucians and Antiguans and Jamai...well I think it's most of the Caribbean call them China bumps, but I can't be sure. A Bantu knot/China bump is best done with wet hair. Just washed hair is better but sometimes I cheat and use a spray bottle full of water. I would explain how to do them but I'm lazy so I'll include a link to a wonderful Youtube vlogger who inspired me instead! Here's what they look like though.

And this is what it looks like fresh out.

You kind of fiddle and separate them until you get the affect you want.

I have to say I'm at my happier with my hair now than I have ever been. Even though we fight a lot and it always wins. See diagram.

When we aren't on speaking terms I usually revert to the old vintage scarf-cum-turban look. My collection is expanding impressively.

Here are the links to the tutorial by Naptural85

I hope it brings you the happy twisting it brought me.

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