Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year, New You?

Happy new year!

Tis the season to be punishing and unrealistic with the best intentions. Time to scream at your self in the mirror 'your disgusting!'. By New Years Eve I'm so looking forward to stripping away the sticky sweetness of the Yuletide season. I see New Years Eve as one more opportunity to have a massive blowout, big hair, bold make up, and jagerbombs, jagerbombs, jagerbombs!

I have a long list of things New Years Resolutions that I really want to implement this year. 

First of all I really want to learn to

***Shut The Hell Up***

  1. Don't talk more than other people participating in conversations.
  2. Awkwardness, if you can't think of anything interesting to say- DON'T!
  3. When angry belt up or walk away before you say something awful.
'Oops, accidentally mortally wounded our friendship, my bad!'

There's a New Years Resolution that a lot of people make or secretly hope for that everyone can probably sympathise with. 

*** I Will Find Love**** you won't. Love will find you on it's own terms. When and where it feels like it. The time you look for it, you are least likely to find it. 

***Diet Riot***

Okay first of all...Eww!

I love food too much to turn it into an enemy. 

But I want to change my relationship with food like I want to change my relationship with shopping. I don't want it to be a comfort blanket for when I feel like throwing myself off of something high and onto something pointy. That's a dangerous habit and one of my worst. 

Also while I'm here. 

***Dress like it's my last day every day***

I guess overall, my new years resolution is to be the best I can be, a little bit better than last year. 

To live life as vigorously and optimistically as I can.


***When life gives me lemons- make margaritas! ***

All the best for 2013.

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