Friday, 11 January 2013

Awkward Much?

I always knew I was awkward! I mean A.W.K.W.A.R.D. Thankfully I have a certain amount of gumption, and enough balls to walk up to a complete stranger and proclaim my undying love for their shoes. Or, as I did on the way back of the Company Blogging Forum, ask an unsuspecting passenger what he was listening to because it sounded good through his headphones. Poor guy thought I was hitting on him. I bet I gave him a fright of his life. But he was listening to Real Estate and they are good. I'm glad I asked.

Nevertheless, I am an awkward mofo and once being shy occurs until the shyness spreads into the situation like gangrene until all I want to do is amputate my stupid face and bury it at sea.

Please see below a diagram of how awesome I am when approached by the opposite sex.

Classic me!
Never mind, there are plenty more fish in the sea to perplex and annoy.

On a brighter not the aforementioned Company Blogging Forum was fantastic, an invaluable learning experience and I got free stuff!

Unfortunately I don't have the- umm- complexion to appreciate the free fake tan but I gave that to one of the girls at the event. I trust it went to a good home.

Among the goodies there was a Body Shop Body Butter in LEMON! I love lemon. Hell to the yeah!

Om nom nom!

I also got to speak to Shini Park of Park&Cube with an awkward mention of my penchant for K-pop, smooth operator and Carrie a.k.a WishWishWish who gave me some invaluable tips for putting more fire into social media.

Turns out super bloggers aren't scary. They're really quite nice.

Until next time!

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