Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Surprise, surprise! The glutton has a wish list. And has decided to share it with the small portion of the world that pays attention. Some of this (ahem most) will be items of clothing or shoes and things but I'll see how it goes. I think I would like to keep my list to eleven items. Why eleven? Because I like the Nostalgia Critic

'The suspense is killing me!' I hear you cry. So away we go.

Item 11- Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto

I have read Kitchen four or five times, in fact I'm reading it right now. I also read 'Amrita' and 'Goodbye Tsugumi'. The way she writes entrances me. She is my favourite author and has been so for the last four years. I hope that 'Asleep' keeps it that way. 

Item 10- A pair of platform high tops!

This may not seem very exciting to you but I'll have you know I saw these in an issue of FRUITS and got all excited about them. I also got rather despondent as everything in FRUITS is sexy as hell but extortionately expensive so woe was me.

9. More Enzymion Moisturizer 

This is part of my daily skincare regime. It's fruity, fresh and in short supply at present. I really recommend this LUSH product to anyone with oily skin. I mentioned it in a previous blog and no, I'm still not over it!

8. WAGAMAMA's White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake

I love white chocolate, ginger and cheesecake and these darling, darling people took the initiative to combine these three together. This is my favourite cheesecake ever and I am craving it at the moment. Methinks 'tis time to visit Wagamama's for some deliciousness. Don't judge me Miss Emi and Miss Erika!

7. FOREVER21- Super Sexy Lace Skirt

Holy freakin' crap. I really do think this is a nice skirt. I really like the idea of it with a pair of doc martins and a crop top. That would be a great outfit for a drink out somewhere quirky like Camden or  (when I eventually get there) Brick Lane!

6. Orguss 2 on DVD

It's been so long since I saw this series. It's one of those unsung classics from Manga Entertainment. Seriously it brings back some serious memories. The main problem though is that it's so bloody expensive nowadays. I think it's been discontinued. A worthwhile Mecha series, short but sweet in six episodes if my memory serves. Hopefully I can track down a second hand copy on amazon. 

5. Topshop Daffodil Bralet

This is really pretty. It's unusual that I fall so easy for such a chunky floral print. Usually I like my floral to be petite and a little more understated than this. But I am convinced and I think it's probably a lot more versatile than it looks. I like it...I like it alot.

6. Adorable Panda Cushions! 

How very dare the internet and the Panda shop in Trocadero and the lovely Korean lady who runs the stall in Greenwich Market exploit my weakness and create something so adorable. I've wanted one of these for months now. I'm wondering whether it's about time I gave in to my urges for something cute!

5. Othello Vol 1- Satomi Izekawa

I love this series. I have read up to issue 5 and I really freakin love it. Honestly it's one of the best shoujo manga I have ever read. It's refreshing, funny and tragic in equal measures and leaves you with a warm feeling after every issue. I want Volume One for nostalgic purposes because it's been a little while...

4. Brown Rice Tea

 I am a major tea enthusiast and this tea is up there as one of my favourites. It has a really warm, wheaty aroma. It's great for those peaceful nights with a slice of cake and a good book, movie or game.

3. Jamaican 'Festival' Dumplings

I'm hungry now just thinking about them. These are a made from a sweet dough that is deep fried a lot like the St Lucian or Antiguan 'bakes' that I'm used to but sweeter. They're a fatty treat but a good one.

2.  New Look Stripey Earrings

I just think they're funky. They remind me of T-ara's video for Roly Poly

1. Thirst- Park Chan Wook on DVD

A vampire movie with a difference. Dark, frightening and grimly funny at times from a very capable director of one of my favourite movies 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance'. 

Wow that took a long time to do! So yeah, there is it. My want list. There won't be another for a little while. It was more effort than I expected compiling it! Fun but exhausting. Until next time!