Thursday, 27 June 2013

Weak Sugar, Weak!

Oh sugar baby, how week you are!

I have inhaled about the weight of a large swan's worth of sugar recently. I found Willy Wonka nerds in poundland -jumbo rainbow pack no less and I have pours the contents into my face on more than one occasion. Temporary weakness? Well two weeks is temporary but it's also disgusting. Now I am not about to wail about dieting. I am not a diet kind of girl. But I am ashamed and I should be.

Food should not be used as a distraction or something to do while your watching Made in Chelsea. Food is fuel for your body. I will never stop loving food but eating should never be a hobby. Cooking should be a hobby. So I want to give bento boxes another try. Getting up early in the morning to prepare something tasty for lunch is fun and gets you moving.

These angry little lumps and bumps on my face are my bodies way of saying 'F*** YOU!' and I am very, VERY sorry that I ever messed with my skin. As a result I am lethargic, moody and essentially gross. I want to chomp on green thing, drink water and feel great.

I haven't posted any nice foodiness for too long. So hopefully at least once a week I'll make something interesting to show to my imaginary audience.

On a brighter note. I wore stuff that I thought was moderately adequate! Hooray...

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