Monday, 17 June 2013

It's the MIB yeah you know me!

It was that time again! The bi-annual cosplay event extravaganza that is the London MCM Expo summer edition. This year was potentially Miss Sobz last expo ever so just in case we decided she should go out with a bang. Getting another group cosplay together was a must! Last time we got together and created a pikachu army! But in exam season when money is low and morale even more so what the math could we do?

Inspiration came from an unlikely source. A Miss Sam Mackenzie had choreographed a dance piece for a competition with her cheer/dance squad. They were dancing to a medley of Will Smith's greatest hits. At one point Sam donned a pair of black smiths saying the immortal words 'You know the difference between you and me? I make this look good!' Sharing this story with me over Chinese food was the best thing she could have done. Thankyou Sam!

That was it. We would be the (wo)Men in Black! Most people own at least one of the items, black wayferers, a white shirt, a black tie etc... The rest of the items would be easily attainable and not too expensive.

A massive shout out to Amy who made each of us sunglasses and spray painted silver guns. Also to Sarah for making a 'Neuraliser'. It was honestly the best expo ever. The picnic consisted of my special spicy meatballs (a-thankyou), sushi courtesy of Sobz, Amy and Elena and cookies. I stuffed my freakin face.

We had to many pictures taken by other cosplayers and we were interviewed by a Captain Christel of YouTube. Keeping my eyes peeled for the video. And will add a link when it pops up.

It concluded once again with the delightful and beautiful DJ Lucy playing a DJ set of industrial/metal/gamer madness. We all got out freaks on obviously. It was Mathmatical.

Seriously! I love you guys! xx

Best Expo EVER!

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