Sunday, 24 February 2013

Food I made!

I started cooking again. It's been a while. Life has been topsy turvy for a little while. I'm hoping for a fast improvement.

Anywho, here's some pictures of stuff I did recently and not so recently. I'm going to try to work out more. That's what they all say right? Well 2013 hasn't provided the suddenly inspired boost of life change that I wanted. It's not that 2013 has been disappointing but I always naively throw my heart into New Years. Then when that doesn't work I jump onto Chinese New Year and hope that it will give the whole new start thing another surge of hopefulness. But hope runs thin when it's cold and miserable. I want to try again and I will.

Listening to music helps. I got Jake Bugg's album and also a The Black Album by Metallica. I love the song 'The Unforgiven', it's melancholic, pessimistic and passionate. I like stuff like that. Riffs that punch you in the gut and melodies that give you that knot in your throat just before you burst into tears. Weird and mildly masochistic maybe but it's just the way I feel. That will be the song of the day. I think this is going to be a running thing. Song of the day. I know enough music for it to last for a few decades without repeating itself.

But yeah, this was supposed to be a foody entry...

Okay well I had a lot of cranberries so I mage ham salad with olives and feta with cranberries. And then cranberries and plum for dessert. It was a bit tart but sort of healthy.

This was delicious! It was lamb chops and an avocado salad with feta, olives, red peppers, mixed leaf salad and shredded carrot. It was a Friday night and I wanted a treat. The Pinot Grigio topped it off. I know that you're supposed to have red wine with red meat. But SUCK IT! I enjoyed my dinner!

You may have guessed the common theme is salad.

Well that's all I really have to say.


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