Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Charity Shopping!

There is a trend cropping up that everybody probably already knows about but I want to talk about it anyway. Do you remember when you were in Primary School, you know runny noses, ghost stories, POkemon, that kind of thing. Well, in my day we used to use charity shops as an insult- 'Did you get your uniform from Oxfam' and so on. You may have noticed, it's not so much an insult anymore. It's cool to buy second hand, to hop in and out of Oxfam with a fist full of pearls for a fiver. And you know what, I like it.

I've never been dead set against charity shops, but until about a year ago I didn't really consider them. The be all and end all of affordable fashion was always Primark and at a stretch Peacocks. I didn't really have enough imagination back then.

It's strange though because sifting through my summer stuff I always noticed that I had a soft spot for hand-me-downs. In fact, I would go farther and say that loads of my star wardrobe pieces previously belonged to a member of my family.

My denim lederhosen (see previous blog post 'a new look') were a hand-me-down from my sister

My punk man shirt, a Japanese hand-me-down from my friend Erika who stayed out there for a week.

The kimono I used for a costume used to belong to my friend Emi's Dad.

So it would only stand to reason that I should start hunting for other peoples hand me downs too.

Admittedly, I am fairly inexperienced at charity shopping but I am definitely interested in becoming an expert. The only item I picked up from a charity shop was a cute plaid winter skirt I fell in love with. That would have easily sold for about thirty-five in NEXT or Zara but only cost me £3.95.

A lot of my friends shop in charity shops or buy second hand and I got testimonials and everything!

Stephanie, Indie Chic extraordinaire (and Songstress)

“there is a more random (therefore interesting) selection of items and also its good knowing that the money is going to charity
also things are very cheap sometimes in charity shops”
And Gyaru Goddess Emi is an big Ebay enthusiast who gets some of her lovely things second hand!

'Ebay is opened to world wide fashion, I can get my hands on something cuter that suits my needs.'

(check the blog for yourself emi-doll.blogspot.com)

Give it a go- second hand shopping is fun a lot cheaper than shopping brand new!

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  2. Really post!! I like second hand stuff - eBay is my almost like my 2nd home. And I do buy a lot of stuff that cost me less ^^ Like some lolita dresses I bought...A few stains and it was BOOM 60% off!! O.O I stuffed it in my cart and bought it - I had the fattest smirk on my face because after a few washes that stain vanished!! and it looked almost brand new again!! How amazing right?

    My current fav skirt is a 2nd hand pinkskirt from Liz lisa hehe...they;re selling it for £50 or something but the eBay seller gave it to me for £20 MUWAHHAHAAH...YEAH!! After washing it and drying it - it looked perfectly brad new again!!

    Charity shopping is great ^^ You know what you want ad can get it cheaper and do something good for the day ^^ eBay offers to donate to a charity too and they have 100 of charities to choose from. I was donating money to Japan when they had their earthquake last year through selling and buying from others who is selling to donate ^^

    I sold a lot of my 2nd hand cosplay on eBay LOL!! People love it ^^ and I think it's great that you're doing some charity shopping!! For me personally, high street charity stores = no for me since I can't find anything I like but I'm a crazy eBay person xD HOHOHO Sometimes it's fun getting stuff from a different country xD

    1. Sorry for all the grammar errors LOL - doing my essay with a body of an un-slept beast!! Whilst stalking you xD

    2. I've seen some of the beautiful dresses you've got off of Ebay. I especially remember your Chibi Moon bracelet which I love! I'm a bit nervous about ordering off of Ebay but I've seen loads of stuff that I would love to get.

      I know you have quite specific taste that isn't often catered for in high street charity shops so I can respect you not going into many. Maybe you should come with me one day! I'll betcha I can find at least one thing you're into! Call it Tasha's Shopping Challenge!