Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dusty Fingers August - Part One: SWAPAHOLICS

It was that time again today. Dusty Fingers market set up again for awesome times. Beloved SwapAholics were there once again in a more miniature form than before. Nevertheless, there was plenty of goodies for the snatching- didn’t come out quite right there. The haul this time was more successful than before, because this time I got there nice and early.

I got a super special awesome denim shirt with adorable embroidery over the button holes- I will wear it with pride. Ooh and there was this suede skirt that the swapper had customised with awesome ladder detail. I’m so kitted out now I can feel ‘ Like a rhinestone cowboy...’ that was the only cowboy related song I could really think of. I should probably stop making references to songs.

I got awesomeness in the form of a super block colour shirt and this adorable bowling-cum-prairie shirt with wee shoulder pads. These were both thanks to the same swapper who had crazy- good style. Wow, that sounds like a bad anime translation.

Anyway lady wherever you are, thank you so much. Everyone was really friendly and social, it’s like shopping on another level. Usually when I shop it’s between me, the sales adviser and my bank account. But swapping and vintage shopping provides you with a networking experience. You meet new people, you learn things and wonderful strangers make you feel brave enough to try new things. I picked the bowling mcwhatever shirt and thought I couldn’t wear it. It was until Diana Infernoo of Swapaholics said ‘that’s cute’.

I’m not going to say a certain anagram that justifies arbitrary stupidity but CARPE DIEM. Grab it and if you don’t wear it then a few swaps later you can give someone else the opportunity to do it justice. That’s the great thing about swishing. You can afford to take risks. You know it’s not going to waste. You’re saving something and if it doesn’t work for you it’ll work for someone else next time.
For want of a better phrase- ‘One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come up.’

And when someone picks up something you brought and says ‘ooh!’ honestly it gives you shivers. It lets you know that you’ve personally made a positive impact on someones day, on someone’s wardrobe. I can’t help smile thinking ‘I wonder how she’s going to rock that...’

I look forward to the next swap as always. I have four items on my loyalty card, booyah is not the word.

Until next time. 

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