Monday, 13 May 2013

The Breakfast Club

'Don't you...forget about me!' I am so slow! So, tucked away, or not so tucked away in Islingtons beautiful beating heart is the 'Breakfast Club'. That's right, that place you already know about. Well, I'd only vaguely heard of it until my bosom buddy Riquel took pity upon me and took me there.

You see, Riquel is one of those cool people- no not hipster- just cool. She's taken me to Caribbean dance classes, salsa and talks to me about bantu knots and Korean BBQ, she's awesome.

Anyway, the Breakfast Club serves breakfast, American breakfast. All day, everyday. Ooh yeah. It's also named after one of my favourite movies- on purpose. You have no idea how many times someone has bumped into me at London Bridge station and I've wanted to stop them, double point at them and say 'Don't mess with the bull, young (wo)man. You'll get the horns!' A la Principle Vernon- what is it about men called Vernon? Principle Vernon (authoritarian douche bag), Uncle Vernon (authoritarian douche bag)...Vernon Kay? Well maybe just the two, then.

Man am I a loser or what! They even have the letter the Breakfast club leave for Principal Vernon at the end of the movie.

You know I always tragically related to Alison. I was never the pretty, it-girl Claire was even though I dig her skirt. Alison was oddly charming albeit kind of gross (that cereal sugar sandwich and the dandruff snow- eww). And even though the makeover she got was bitchin', I kinda liked the eyeliner better.

Back to the point. The Breakfast Club's decor is perfect. It's kitschy, it's bright, it's quirky. The walls are littered with pictures, postcards and posters. Bunting hands from the ceiling and there are nostalgic hits blaring out of the restaurant stereo.

The highlight on the walls was by far this.

Seriously FOLLOW him on Twitter!

I want this in my kitchen.

I had the 'All American' because I frigging love pancakes. The scrambled eggs were perfection and the bacon was crispy and flavoursome. And the potatoes, sweet Jemima, the potatoes- herb and garlic fried with skins still on. The pancakes were light and fluffy, unsweetened for that perfect balance of stick sweetness from the MAPLE syrup. (Yeah stick that Macdonalds Breakfast- cut out the Maple syrup will  ya...*incoherent grumbing*)

And Veggie Option!

There's also a delicious and budget friendly fruit salad option perfect for cleaning the pallet after all that comfort food.

It was amazing!

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