Monday, 8 April 2013

Loathe the skin your in!

My skin...

I've done face masks a-plenty, homemade and store bought alike. I've tried lathering lotions and potions of all sorts of brands that I respect and love. And they all result ing the same lumps and bumps, dry patches and stinging. 

-Clarins- oww
- The Body Shop- oww
-Garnier- oww
-Lush- oww

And this is not to reflect badly on any of those brands. The truth is my skin is harder than women allegedly are. I find myself looking at my Freddy Krugar complexion and screaming 
'What the f--- do you want from me!'

Damn, you's a sexy chick...

Let me specific, this is my face skin, the rest of my skin is fairly nice. 

At the moment I'm sticking to the whole stripping back thing. I'm using the forbidden soap- ulmighty dryer-outer of skin. But it works for my sister and my Mum so maybe it will work for me. My sister's skin sucked as a teenager and now it's super smooth and glows like sunshine. 

I'm using one of the only moisturiser that my skin didnt torture me for using- Imperialis from LUSH. 

And since it's for skin that 'can't make up it's mind.' It will do. There isn't a cream for skin that's a 'satanic dictator', so it will have to. I don't really fancy sacrificing a virgin every time I break out anyway. It's been two weeks on this regime. No changes yet but I reckon another month will tell me whether or not it's working. 

This partnered with pouring my body weight's worth of water into my face, sleeping right, regular exercise and a decent diet will improve things. I have been a bit wobbly on the whole stable routine thing so maybe that's why my skin is being mean to me. Probably also the reason that I feel more rotund of late although my lovely friends would insist that it's all in my head. I don't know that that is entirely comforting. 

So maybe it will turn out that all my skin wants is a nice simple life uncomplicated by fragrant gloop. If so I guess it'll make me a bit thick for not trying it out before. Switching from one regime to the next and refusing to be patient with my skin is kind of a derpy thing to do. 

Still, they say bitches make it in life.  Following that philosophy, if I was as much of a bitch as my skin was I would probably be very successful. Perhaps I'll look into that. 

Until Next Time

Song of the Day 

Carbon Monoxide- Regina Spektor

Beautiful live performance below. 

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