Thursday, 28 June 2012

Visual Merchandising

When I was in my early teens I always used to enjoy using online doll-makers like and I loved being inspired by music and creating a character who I felt encapsulated it. Almost a decade later and nothing has changed. Sometimes the loser in me misses doll-makers, piecing together clothing to create a narrative; an attitude; a persona.

Luckily for me I'm still able to express this when I dress myself. Even though I can play with ways to reinvent myself, I cannot be satisfied. No matter how loved a canvas I am, or how much I adore  my wardrobe it will always have it's limits. Recently I even asked for visual merchandising training at work. If I can have a creative input in the company, I will start enjoying work like I did when I first started. But even that has it's limits.

That's when I discovered Okay, okay, I know I wam so late, just like I was with I know it existed but I never imagined it would be so simple. is a wonderful sight but I don't have the equipment to be successful on it- or indeed remotely successful.

I've started putting together sets inspired by music. One of my favourite sets is called 'Camomile Tea'. It uses pastel pink and mint green and was inspire by a song by Perfume called 'Communication'- very bouncy and sweet.

Camomile Tea

Dorothy Perkins mint shirt
$45 -

Knee socks
$8.50 -

Mini skirt
£12 -

Cotton socks
$6 -

Cocktail shoes
£25 -

Leather shoulder handbag
$495 -

Sterling silver jewelry
$30 -

This collection was inspired by the song 'Henrietta' by the Fratelli's. I love rockabilly/vintage and try to emulate it quite a lot.

Henrietta Cookie Dough

Swing dress
75 AUD -

Charlotte Russe high heel pumps
$33 -

Chanel leather handbag
£1,950 -

Yves Saint Laurent chain jewelry
$348 -

Hair pins accessory
$10 -

J.Crew plastic sunglasses
$98 -

Lip gloss
$21 -

Kelly Brook has a beautiful collection exclusive to New Look that uses a lot of 1950's pin up glamour. That's why I included her as the model

One of the most fun sets to create was based on the main character from Park Chan Wook's 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' called Lee Geum Ja.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (spring)

Ellison slimming dress
$120 -

Burberry double breasted trench coat
£995 -

Christian louboutin pumps
$845 -

Proenza Schouler leather shoulder handbag
$1,695 -

Flower earrings
$17 -

SELECTED wool scarve
€20 -

Crystal Garden Wish Flower
$14 -

Areaware Bull Box
$49 -

She's so apathetic and aloof. While I'm at it I suggest you check that out too. Be prepared to cry!

I feel I've segued enough for one day.

Until next time...

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  1. HOHOHO I like the camomile tea pastel outfit!! Cute!!!
    Also gonna be hosting a blog giveaway for circle lenses soon ^^ Shall inform you about when my sponsor has sent me the items ^^