Friday, 15 July 2011

"You're hot for a black girl."

This sounds like a joke, or the punchline to one at least, but this has been said to me. It has been said to me by cretins without the mental capability for wit. The phrase is said with absolute, albeit drunken, seriousness, The instance that this sticks out to me the most was on my way home from a gig. Our guitarist, let's call him Dave for is own sake, was inebriated as per usual by the time we'd even started playing. So when we stumbled into the night and onto a 321 towards his house, it was only fair to say he was wrecked. He actually forgot to sit down like Peter Griffin from Family Guy, and collided with the floor with such force I can't help but recall it with a smile.

Nevertheless he found his seat, next to me. He turned to me whispered sweet nothings in my ear. What I really mean is he screamed poorly formed sentences into the side of my face. One of those being 'Tasha, you're bare peng, for a black chick."

Peng is the worst word for attractive that has ever been invented, ever. It originated under a rock of crack and spread like a disease through some parts of  South East London. Anyway, was I supposed to be grateful? There were many feelings there I'll admit, none of which were actually gratitude. It didn't bother me that he admitted that he didn't find black women overall. It only bothered me that he felt the need to attach a compliment to this issue. Praise the lord that the almighty Dave should think me 'peng' especially since I am but a lowly black chick. Really?

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  1. laawd of mercy...slap a bitch! slap a bitch! slap a bitch!